Saturday, 31 July 2010

Fallen Angel - Massforce

Every once in a while, the worlds of men and immortals collide. When that happens, be careful what you wish for.
Made with iclone 3.2

My new iclone video, in association with MassForce Records and The Spotlight Studio.
I might re-edit this video at some point once I sort out my Vista OS/Software problems.

Still, the video was fun to make. I hope you enjoy watching.

The music track, titled Fallen Angel, is from the upcoming album Unity, by Massforce.

Monday, 26 July 2010

Massforce Project Playlist

A collaboration project between Massforce Records, The Spotlight Studio and various machinima directors to promote the upcoming new Mass force album - Unity

These are the videos uploaded by participants in this project so far.
Playlist By Mellor Media

Unfortunately, I still have problems with my video editor and vista 64 bit, so my participation in the project is going nowhere fast. Luckily, someone else had also selected the track I was going to do, so hopefully there will eventually be at least one video to go with the music.

Saturday, 24 July 2010



Man, just take a look at you.
Boy, you're a sorry sight.
You haven't even got a friend
who'll talk to you tonight.
Your woman's gone and left you,
she couldn't stand the strain
of all the hurtful things you said
that only caused her pain.
So you're drowning your sorrows
from an empty glass,
stumbling and falling
while the years roll past.
Your days keep getting longer
but time is running out
Still you don't have a clue
what life is all about.
Man, I've been there.
Been lonely, been blue.
Been lost in the wilderness
that you're going through.
So let me take you by the hand,
I'll help you stand again.
I can't promise sanity
or to take away the pain.
But I can ease the darkness
maybe help you put things right,
so come,
take my hand,
I'll be your friend tonight.

Raven2angel © 2002

1 of 3 works from
The People's Poet Anthology 2
ISBN - 0954362144

Friday, 23 July 2010

Fallen Angels

This video was to be the first in a series of my poems to be adapted into video this year, but I haven't gotten around to doing any of the others.

The Fallen Angels poem was written back in 2002, and came about when I saw a slightly different version of the following print, (it looked the same except the cherubs had cigs and beers)

I wondered what they might be talking about, and so I wrote the conversation poem.

I have at least three other poems that perhaps would work well with video. They are all character/story based and would require voice-actors, so that is something I might be asking for help with sometime in the future.

Titles under consideration

Superhero - A fun comedy poem - One male over-the-top butch voice.

The Binding Book - A dark tale of temptation and condemnation. Quite a long poem in four parts so I think that one might be difficult to get anyone to VO as it requires a female narration for nearly the entire length. Also there is a shorter male role.

Dancing In Time - Another dark tale, but this one has a theme of lust and longing. This poem would need a male VO to narrate a rather old and weary character who's malevolent nature is quite apparent.

All of the above works are rhyme.
Perhaps at least one of them might get made this year...Watch this space, lol.

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Bird watching duty

My cat on Birdwatching duty. She's a housecat, so this is the closest she can get to the chuffie-pies outside.

Pinhead Prize

This is the box that my Pinhead prize arrived in. The cat claimed it and took up residence. I'm waiting for her to get bored of her new cardboard home so I can get it broken up and thrown out.

Saturday, 17 July 2010

Going Far


Man on a mission
Going far
Grabs some cash
Steals a car
Picks up friends
Drinking beer
Driving fast
Shows no fear
Country roads
Twists and turns
Engine revs
Rubber burns
Friend says faster
He takes the dare
Speeds to oblivion
But he don’t care
Hits a tree
Wrecks the car
Man on a mission
Didn’t get far.

Raven2angel © 2002

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

The Vault of Humanity

At the moment, this is just artwork. I have titled it "The Vault of Humanity"
I added the character for dramatic effect only, so at the moment, this isn't an actual scene from an upcoming video.

The idea was originally a test scene for my collaboration project with The Spotlight Studio and MassForce, but since my computer problems of the weekend, I have had to pull out of taking part until I am sure that the pc is working properly. (Which it does seem to be, apart from my video editor)

I've updated my Flickr Sideshow to include the new artwork.

Mellor Media also have a MassForce video out

Monday, 12 July 2010

Don't mess with Grandma

I was relieved when Grandma crashed through the living room window.
Even before the imploded glass had time to settle on the carpet, her skinny arms and legs had gone into action. Moments later, the two ninja assassins who had come to kill me, were dead on the floor.

© Raven2angel

Been thinking about stories and books that grab our attention for the very fist line or paragraph and keep us hooked.

Friday, 9 July 2010

Following the unknown

Today, I have two new items of interest to follow.

1. Paul the 'psychic' octopus.

Watching him on sky news tv gives me a "ewww, keep it away from me" moment, but boy does that octopus have a growing audience. I'm much more interested in him that the World Cup.
Click HERE to Read the story

2. The Spotlight Studio

Mellor Media and crew have a new project on the go, which I might be taking part in.
This time, thankfully, and as far as I know, will not involve having to do a Voice-over. Maybe this will kick start me back into iclone.

Visit The Spotlight Studio / Mellor TV

Mad mellor man also has a new moviestorm flick out
The Unwanted Meeting

Thursday, 8 July 2010

The Quill


Unbound air
Unearthly chill
Shakes my hand
Shakes my quill
My hand,
My hand…
Won’t keep still

A scrawl unfurls
Upon the page
Words of love
Words of rage
Down and down
it creeps to woe
Darkly down
In maddening flow

I ache
from this awful chill
My mind desires
To break the quill
But my hand
My hand…
My treacherous hand

Raven2angel © 2007

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Casual Clonecloth Uppers

New pack arriving soon on the Reallusion content store.
For Violet Casual Upper. Iclone 3.2 or above

Demo Video click HERE

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Monday, 5 July 2010



You lingered in a wrenched out room
A fallen marionette
Your rhapsody had lapsed in life
And scored a zealous blow

No kindred hands could move you now
For half your heart was gone
The nuance of the lines agreed,
the strings were cut for good.

Raven2angel © 2007

Sunday, 4 July 2010

If you go down to the woods today...

I've finally got myself a lonesome little cabin in the woods, with thanks to Zynga and FrontierVille.
But it turns out the forest is not a place for R&R as I seem to spend most of my time clobbering bears, gophers and snakes. And then there are the animals to take care of. Sheesh, they never stop eating!
I'm plum tuckered out, and more than a little worried about one of my chickens, which laid a cannon ball the other day.... Yes, a cannon ball...That can't be good...

If you fancy giving life on the frontier a go, then visit Zynga's site for more details on where you can find the game online.

What else has gotten my attention recently? Let's see...

ESCAPE - iclone musical movie project

I have finally finished the audio track arrangement for Escape. Unfortunately, I doubt that even if I ever manage to complete shooting the remaining scenes, that I will be releasing this video for public viewing. The audio is the problem. I want the movie to have a rock opera sound.
It's only one song, and it's supposed to be a duet. There are also parts of the track that require chorus singers. Um, I had to improvise and do all the vocals myself, and as everyone knows, I'm not a singer, lol, so altho I have the arrangement the way I want it, I think that's as far as I'm going to get with that.

UPDATED - 23rd October
Lyrics Video For Escape

And speaking of singing, my pal Allpoint, recently released a little video to entertain us with his musical vocal talent. "Why I didn't enter TMOA idol"
Pretty fancy boat he's got there too.

It's all good :)

Saturday, 3 July 2010

Star March

Playing with music. Quite like this little loop
Track made with sony acid

Freebie download - Star March Audio Loop

Friday, 2 July 2010



Your Gemini face
is a charmless veil
of wreckage.

When jolted from pose,
your scripted smile
leaves a sneer
to decline.

Faithful only to malice;
Resisting release.

Raven2angel © 2007

Thursday, 1 July 2010


Echoes from Raven Angel on Vimeo.

The movie, Echoes, is an extract/adaptation from my work in progress novel
"Memories of Eternity" which is my 3rd novel.
Althought I am already a published writer, all 3 books are not, and never will be sent to print as I tend to write the longer stories for my own amusement only.

Normally the genre I write is supernatural horror, but Memories of Eternity is different. It does have elements of the supernatural and horror, but primarily it is in fact a love story which begins at the dawn of time, and follows the two main characters of the movie Echoes. Their names are Raven (male) and Angel (female) so that might give you a clue as to where my user name came from :)

Anyway I hope you enjoy the 12 minute movie above.

Hear me calling - Echoes mix, end of project music video. Best viewed with the sound turned down.